What is it that makes a space special? Why do some spaces speak to your soul, while others feel contrived, forced, or just “miss the mark”? How do you create an emotional connection in a space that must be experienced to be understood? The answer is in the basic design elements and principles that exist just below our visual perceptions. The interplay of lines, the contrast of textures, the perfect accent of color to make an emphatic statement. The way forms balance and create a definable rhythm as they move you along a path — a journey of anticipation. When we view a space, we visualize the hidden potential and know intuitively how to bring that vision to life. Our passion is connecting people to the spaces they call home, creating an emotional experience for them to enjoy every day.


Jason is a Registered Landscape Architect, a Registered Watershape Designer, and the founder, President, and Lead Designer at J.Brownlee Design. He not only has a passion for design that is evident in each of his unique outdoor living creations, but also enjoys teaching design principles and presentation graphics to pool industry professionals, luxury homebuilders, and developers across the country. He travels nationally to collaborate with both homeowners and pool professionals on unique project opportunities. “My goal in every design is to Enrich the lifestyle of our clients, to Extend the living environment of their home into the outdoor spaces, and to Enhance the natural characteristics of their site”, says Brownlee. “Where these three things converge is the heart of a great design.”

This partnership design approach has achieved numerous National Award-Winning project results for both Brownlee and his partnered contractor team — including the prestigious Pinnacle Award and the cover of Luxury Pools + Outdoor Living this year. Jason resides in the Nashville, Tennessee area with his wife, Jennifer, and their four children — Morgan (18), Blake (16), Alexa (13), and Taylor (6). Jason enjoys photography, architecture, cycling, watersports, spending time outdoors, and can often be found cheering for his daughters at endless volleyball tournaments across the Southeast!

AWARD SEASON 2019 - 2020!

JBrownlee Design collaboration projects recieved multiple National Awards this year, including the prestigious Pinnacle Award, the Cover of Luxury Pools + Outdoor Living magazine, and two PHTA Gold Awards. We would like to thank our partnered contractors, Serenity Pool & Hardscapes (Rocky Wisley), and Parkinson Building Group (Bill & Dan Parkinson) for their expert craftmanship to make these design visions come to life!






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