J. Brownlee Design

A Watershape is defined as the use of Water as Art in the form of a pool, spa, fountain, or natural stream, lake, or pond. My professional career has been defined by this definition – creating unique and functional exterior spaces by shaping the natural elements – earth, air, fire, and water to create Art and elicit a desired emotional response to the created space.
Whether working on a residential or resort canvas, watershape design is key to create the desired “aaahhh” moment that draws a viewer in and refuses to let them leave. Weaving the visual and audible qualities of these vessels into the blended fabric of the natural and built environment is the Art that creates the intended emotional response to the space. Whether the goal is to relax and unwind, or to impress and inspire, the watershape is the primary element to connect the viewer to the space.
The following galleries and pages depict projects that we have teamed with homeowners and builders to design and create unique watershape experiences for our clients to enjoy. These feature built signature projects, creative concept designs, and the technical drawing sets that we produce leading to the final project design. Thanks for viewing, and please… enjoy!