J. Brownlee Design

About Us
We are an exterior design firm, specializing in creative watershapes, accessory structures, and outdoor living design solutions for our clients across the country. We serve resort / hospitality developments, Residential HOA / community amenities developments, and residential contractor and homeowner clients to create luxury backyard resort living spaces. On residential projects, we partner with local contractors / pool professionals and with their homeowner clients to create a team approach designing and developing the unique signature outdoor living experiences and emotional connections to the outdoor environment.
Jason Brownlee

ASLA, SWD Master

Jason is a Registered Landscape Architect, a SWD Accredited Watershape Designer “Master”, and the founder, President, and Lead Designer at J.Brownlee Design. He not only has a passion for design that is evident in each of his unique outdoor living creations, but also enjoys teaching design principles and presentation graphics to pool industry professionals, luxury homebuilders, and developers across the country. He travels nationally to collaborate with both homeowners and pool professionals on unique project opportunities. “My goal in every design is to Enrich the lifestyle of our clients, to Extend the living environment of their home into the outdoor spaces, and to Enhance the natural characteristics of their site”, says Brownlee. “Where these three things converge is the heart of a great design.” This partnership design approach has achieved numerous National Award-Winning project results for both Brownlee and his partnered contractor team — including the prestigious Pinnacle Award and the cover of Luxury Pools + Outdoor Living. Jason resides in the Nashville, Tennessee area with his wife, Jennifer, and their four children — Morgan (20), Blake (18), Alexa (15), and Taylor (8). Jason enjoys photography, architecture, cycling, watersports, spending time outdoors, and can often be found cheering for his daughters at endless volleyball tournaments across the Southeast.

Design Service Phases

Concept Design Phase
Design Development Phase
Construction Observation Phase
We have three design service offerings for our clients – whether resort or residential in scope and regardless of project scale. We first work with homeowners and contractors to create a vision for the design space through the Concept Design Phase. Once the vision is created, we enter the Design Development Phase where we define and develop the necessary details that show how to build the vision that was created in the Concept Design. We will also carry the design through the construction process by offering Construction Observation Design Services to ensure the final built product meets
National Service Area
With our design-focused approach, we are both able to and enjoy the opportunity to serve clients anywhere in the country and beyond. Our design office is located just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and we make regular “rounds” to projects in the Southeast US region. However, with a healthy dose of “Wonderlust”, easy access to the airport, and a laptop computer, we really enjoy the opportunity to meet with and design for clients everywhere across this great land – and beyond. One of the drivers of creative and unique design is the opportunity to experience different cultures and flavors. Travel feeds our design soul, and we look forward to these new experiences.

Virtual Design Options

When we begin the concept design process on a new project in a location outside of our home service area, it is always our preference to have the opportunity to visit the site in person. This allows us to spend the necessary time on-site, discovering the character and natural features of the property, finding the nuance of the home, and spending time with our homeowner clients to learn about their lifestyle, family, children, dreams, and goals for their home. With this data in place, we are setup for successful and creative design. On most concept design projects, we will schedule an initial visit, then follow-up with a second visit to present the concept design solution and meet in-person with contractors tasked with the construction. However, in this post-Covid world, we have learned to adapt our processes out of need or inability to travel to some locations. “Zoom” has become a tool we use regularly both in our teaching professional design classes and in working through the details of the concept design process with our contractors and clients. It is pretty amazing to be able to “hop on” to a quick zoom call and work through questions and details from across the country. We can discuss virtual design options if needed and look forward to working with clients in any way that suits their specific life or location situation.