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Welcome to J.Brownlee Design, and thank you for taking the time to view our design portfolio and the services we offer to our clients across the country. We are a residential Landscape Architecture Studio that thrives on creative design, and strives to find that unique character in each project that sets it apart and makes it special. We work collaboratively with our clients across the country, both discerning homeowners and quality pool professionals, to develop a total outdoor lifestyle design concept — a true reflection of your home, your property, your family, and your lifestyle. We create a space as unique as you – finding your style for your backyard at your price point. Whether this is a grand vision or a modest renovation, our specialty is helping you to “blur the line” between your interior home and exterior spaces and integrate your entire outdoor living areas in ways that you have not yet imagined!


The next step is a casual conversation to discuss your project, and to see how our creative design vision combined with your ideas will make your new outdoor living space an extraordinary success. Here’s to creating something great!




Jason Brownlee, ASLA

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“…Jason Brownlee designs with a confidence that only the gifted enjoy – his designs challenge those who are fortunate enough to implement them to be better at their craft, and his ever-growing body of work is a reflection of this. Jason’s projects are as functional as they are unique, with intention to design and attention to detail. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.”

– K. Baltz. – Baltz Development.

The Difference is the Design…

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The residential exterior development industry has long been a fractured grouping of “pool guys”, “plant people”, and hardscape or “patio” contractors. Each of these typically offer their own version of a design/build concept for their clients, emphasizing their craft as the focal element, with either limited understanding of their associated trades, or vision to see the potential of the backyard space as a whole. I spent over 10 years as a pool, hardscape, and landscape contractor, and have seen first-hand how this sales-motivated hierarchy approach will never unlock the true potential of a property buried beneath its surface. After reaching this epiphany, I exited the contractor world to focus on my passion – creative design that blends all exterior features into one congruent whole without placing one trade or feature element above the others.


My goal in design is to create a vision for our clients backyard that successfully blends their family and expressed lifestyle with the style of the home and the natural character of the specific project site. I research and discover the views and assets in the backyard that need to be emphasized, and the liabilities or negative site aspects that should be screened or shielded from primary view. I typically work to “blur the line” between interior home space and outdoor living to create an intentional flow that will make the new outdoor living and entertainment spaces just as functional and aesthetically pleasing as the kitchen and interior living spaces. In each of our designs, every decision made has a carefully considered reason behind it, and each decision builds on the previous ones made to create a coherent and complete design master plan.

Recognized Industry Leader:


We, along with the select contractors tasked with building our designs, have been honored to receive numerous National Design Awards for our creative development projects over the past several years. These award winning projects can be viewed in greater detail in our Awards and Accolades Portfolio Gallery. Our projects have also been featured in on HGTV and in various national publications and design books.

Society of Watershape Designers:

Jason Brownlee was recently honored as a certified member of the Society of Watershape Designers by the Genesis Design Group and the NSPF. Internationally, there are a total of 44 SWD certified design professionals. Collectively, they have been credited with the design and construction of the most conceptually creative, technically advanced, and structurally sound watershape structures that push the boundaries of creative expression using water as their media.

Achieving SWD certification is the equivalent to earning a Master’s Degree in the specialized field of watershaping, requiring a minimum of 150 credit hours covering the in-depth study of the design, construction, engineering, and business of creating watershape vessels. Specifically, the technical coursework includes the science of hydraulics, the nuances of soil and geotechnical conditions, structural engineering with concrete structures, electrical theory and application, the art and craft of masonry, waterproofing and underwater finish applications, along with hydraulic equipment selection, control technology, water sanitation, and a working knowledge of water chemistry control. In addition to the above technical studies, an emphasis is placed on the design curricula, including a study of the history of art and architecture, architectural styles, freehand graphics, perspective sketching, 3D modeling, color theory, site analysis, and a mastery of principles of design. Coursework also includes business classes on project management, customer relations, business ethics, and solid contracting practices. Beyond these core course requirements, specialty electives provided include courses in outdoor lighting, pond and stream construction, fire feature design, interactive waterfeatures, and landscape design. Achieving SWD certification requires a personal commitment to professional advancement, and takes approximately 4 years to complete the required courses.

jbrownlee-famJason Brownlee, ASLA, SWD


Throughout his life and professional career, Jason Brownlee, founder and president of J.Brownlee Design, has enjoyed a love for the intricate and majestic beauty of nature, and has been able to captivate the colors, textures, and characteristics of its natural materials into a vision for outdoor spaces – whether natural or contrived. As a teen, Jason would spend hours outdoors, sketching and mentally discerning the order and structure of God’s natural handiwork. This natural curiosity blended with an intense love of water, expressed through his involvement in recreational watersports, teen employment as lifeguard and swim instructor, and as competitive swimmer.


Jason graduated from Mississippi State University in 1998 with a professional degree in Landscape Architecture, and began his career in the professional practice arena at large design and development firms. He discovered, however, that his true love and interests were not in the large-scale planning projects, but in the relationships built with residential clients where the creativity, detailed design ideas, and “personal touch” were allowed to flow.  After achieving professional licensure in 2002, Jason started his own design firm, J.Brownlee Design, to pursue these professional interests. His immediate success filled a “niche” in a residential market starved for creative design, and led to a contracting arm tasked with building his unique designs. By 2012, the growth of the contracting side of the company had consumed so much of Jason’s time and efforts, and was unable to keep pace with the scope and scale of the design projects that were coming his way. In an epiphany moment, he made the conscious decision to release the contracting segment of his career to focus his time, energy, and passion into his true love – creative design. After relocating to the vibrant Nashville, Tennessee area in 2014, Jason has been serving his residential clients across the region and country with creative design concepts based on a unique perspective that seeks the best solution to fit his client’s lifestyle, home style, and property.


Personally, Jason has been married to his high school sweetheart, Jennifer Brownlee, for 18 years. She is an interior designer, and collaborates with Jason on projects that involve interior elements – from poolhouse to home addition projects. Together they have four children (Morgan- 14, Blake-12, Alexa-9, and Taylor-2). They enjoy this crazy stage of life together by spending time as a family on the lake in the summer.